Turning Archive 2007

My Dad's visit *PIC*

john lucas
>My dad had a project duplicating a lamp and he didn't feel he could do it so he drove up from Atlanta to spend the weekend. We spent a lot of time turning. I turned the lamp. The hardest part was finding the wood because I needed 3 5/8" dry pine. My friend who makes rocking horses had some so we drove out and got it. Then I turned it. While we were waiting for a layer of shellac to dry I had an order of wine stoppers to get out so I turned those while he was here.

Then I worked on 2 other lamps that I'm in various stages of finishing. I was hoping to get more done on the lamps but have to photograph a basketball game at 2 which will really eat up my day.

The lamp on the right is the one I made. matching the color was the tough part. I got pretty close but my dad is really impatient and he kept saying that's good enough and I kept saying but I can get it closer.

By the way I learned something new. Water based analine dye will mix with shellac after it's been mixed with water. The powder won't dissolve in shellac. I mixed the powder with some water and then added a tiny bit to the shellac until I got the color I wanted.

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