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Curly koa

Ken Haines
I saw your recent work posted on "WoodCentral" and was very impressed. The box looks great and I can't fault the workmanship - but what it does raise, in my mind is the question - What is "Curly Koa"? I'm not sure that what you have is what I would call "Curly" -- "Highly Figured" for sure - which leads me to this.

With the demand being far, far greater than the supply for wood like Koa, vendors will attach any name possible to get the maximum price for a piece of wood.

In my possession right now- I have Koa marked "Grade B"; "Select"; "Curly"; and "IQ" (for Instrument Quality). In addition to these- I have seen it offered as "quilted"; "fiddleback"; "flame"; "ribbon"; "feathered" ; "rippled"; "figured"; "highly figured"; etc. I also have several pieces of Koa- that were it not for knowing my vendor- you would not believe the pieces were Koa- they are that plain!

So what is "Curly Koa" ?

Let the buyer beware!

Because I am not familiar enough with the workings of "WoodCentral" - I am emailing directly to you. Included is a picture of what I feel someone should expect to find when looking for "Curly Koa". These are rough 2X and 4X stock and have not been cleaned up but you can see the pattern. Please feel free to post on "WoodCentral" and use my email address, if any one has issues or comments. I will try to post the text of this message. - Perhaps, if you see the message - you can post the photo.

Thank you,
Ken Haines



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