Turning Archive 2007

Rope/String/Wire/Leather strip etc. as decoration *PIC*

Peter Charles Fagg (UK)
>I have often tried using the subject pieces for decoration on bowls, dishes and suchlike but always have a problem as to what to do with the loose ends!

If the string or rope, especially is used, the thickness of the wall usually precludes drilling an horizontal hole in which to bury the ends.

I have tried plaiting the leather but 4 ends become overly bulky, Seagrass is pleasanter to look at but is less flexible and snaps strands if not used damp and then the ends fray too much for any neat finish. The picture is the only one I have made (2 years ago) because it was so frustrating to get it right.

Has anyone any ideas to neaten the finished appearance?

Regards, Peter.

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