Turning Archive 2007

Made two toolrests for my lathe. *PIC*

Eddie Pacheco, San Jose, Ca.
>When I purchased my used PM 3520 it came with a Best Tools modular toolrest. After using this for the few items I have turned on my lathe I decided to replace it as I don't think it was the right toolrest for my skill level. I felt that I needed to get tool support closer to the work. Longer, beefier tool handles would also help. My lathe is the pre A model and it has a banjo for use with a post of 1 1/8" dia. I couldn't find any of the original type toolrests on the internet, for sale, so I decided to make an 8" and 12" myself.
I used a close variant of the toolrest cross section that is described in Mike Darlow's "Fundamentals of Woodturning" book (pg. 29). I used 5/8" 4142 precision ground material from McMaster-Carr. The post material is O1 drill rod material, also from McMaster-Carr.
I was able to use a freed up mill at my friend's shop to do the milling of the "bird's mouth" on the round and bevel on the flat stock. For the 30 degree bevel I had to make a fixture to hold and clamp the bar so that I could use an endmill to machine the bevel. The project took a little longer than I thought and overall consumed 12hrs. The TIG welding was done at a local motorcycle shop. for $40.00, as my welder doesn't have enough power for this thickness of material. I'm real, real glad that my friend let me use his shop and equipment. I'll be buying him lunch for a while.
Now that I have the lathe it was just the tool rest that was holding me back, right? I hope to try these out tomorrow evening.

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