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Box Elder Dream

David Breth
>It has been a month since I spun anything, but I had a turning dream last night that I think is an indication I better get back in front of the lathe. Here's the dream.

I was walking down a bike trail kind of path with somebody (this is one of those generic people who occur in a dream), and started spotting baloney-sliced box elder. Too thin for bowl use, but they were pretty much solid red all the way across, so I was intrigued, and in a hurry to move forward to catch up with whoever was doing the cutting. We round a bend, and there is a lot more wood, scattered all over the grass, and all of it the same red. Now I can see people a hundred yards or so in front of us. All the wood has been cut. All too thin for use. But they are still cutting SOMETHING up there, it has as similar color, and it is also solid red....maybe if I hurry I can talk them into......watermelon. They are now cutting watermelon.

That's when I woke up.

I just thought that was worth sharing.

David B.

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Box Elder Dream
Um, er, ahh... not sure that's a turning dream?
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