Turning Archive 2007

Scary but dumb moment in the shop

Steven Kubien
>I never thought steel-toed boots were necessary in the shop for everyday stuff but today has me re-thinking. Mounted a 50+lb maple blank on my Nova 1624. I don't have an outboard tool rest. Instead of moving the lathe around so I could access the back side and swivel the headstock, why don't I swivel the head into the room and hit the reverse button until it gets sized down a bit? I forgot which way the threads on the faceplate run and there is no grub screw on this one to lock it down. Blank came loose pretty quick and headed for the floor about 2 feet away. If it had landed on my foot I would now be referred to as Peg-leg.

Be safe everybody and I'll keep trying.

Steve Kubien
Ajax, Ontario

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