Turning Archive 2007

Lost all bodily functions at the lathe...

>... I was just finishing the re-chucking of a Spalted White Oak bowl so I could clean up the bottom. The bowl was a challenge to say the least and I nearly gave up several times but persevered. I was now in the home stretch, the easy part, and then I could relax. I had been "alone and in the zone" for nearly two hours....

As I was putting my Stronghold chuck on the base of my Candy Red monster bowl lathe, I heard a male voice right next to me say: "that was easy", at which point I nearly dropped the bowl and soiled myself from every imaginable opening.

Seems, as I was moving copious shavings, making room for the Stronghold, I managed to press my buried "Easy Button!" So what was intended for humor while giving lessons to others, came home to roost!

... and no, it "Wasn't Easy!"

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