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1236 alignment problem and fix

Troy German
>I fixed a problem on my Jet 1236 the other day and thought it might help others with similar machines.

The symptoms:

1) The headstock and tailstock are out of vertical alignment when turning between centers.
2) Bring the tailstock to the headstock and the points touch.
3) The alignment was close to perfect when I got the lathe (thanks Eddie), and the problem didnít surface until I started rotating the headstock.

The solution:

The fix was easy. There are two flanges that hold the headstock in place when you tighten it. One is on the front of the lathe in plain sight behind the tightening handle, the other is directly opposite that on the back side of the lathe. Both flanges engage a ledge that is molded into the headstock. The back flange on my lathe was not seated properly and only the part nearest the spindle was gripping the ledge. This tightened the front of the headstock causing the points to touch but left the back high, which meant that the spindle was aiming down. As the gap between the head and tailstock increased, the alignment became off.

So, now when I tighten the headstock I hold the back flange in place with my left hand and tighten the handle with my right. The lathe is in near perfect alignment again, and all seem right with the world.

Happy turning,

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