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Pumpkin Music Video, 1985 *LINK*

JohnKJordan in East TN
>To celebrate my first Halloween since retirement, I revived my ancient Pumpkin Music Video and reformated it for YouTube.

I made this video one day in 1985 while home sick with the flu and a fever. It took me 4 hours to carve the pumpkin and make the video, and 9 hours to compose, practice, and record the music to fit.

I did the video with Stop action, recorded on a Sony Video8 deck in one take, head stuffed up and coughing and terrified the whole time I'd make a fatal mistake and have to start over. The music was recored to digital, live, from my Kurzweil synthesizers and MidiBoard. (Not perfect, but hey, it was my first try!)

DYI instructions: pick up the pumpkin, carve a bit, set it down, stand back, push a button to record a few frames; repeat. Don't bump the camera!

Ah, and there actually was woodworking involved! (I attached a small wooden base to the bottom of the pumpkin so I could set it down in a recess to register it for the next frame.) The tools were a few woodcarving chisels and my trusty swiss army knife.

Good clean fun!

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