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Fires Are Almost Out-OT

Karen F.
>Just a little note to let everyone know that the fires in California are almost out. The one in Fallbrook/ Camp Pendleton has been slowed to a crawl but it will take a while to contain them all completely. The rest are in the mop-up phase. Most of the shelters have been closed and almost everyone is back in their cities. I can't say houses since their were 1500 houses lost in the fires and last count was 11 people have perished in the fires.

I am at my cabin in Big Bear and there is a fire in Lake Arrowhead on the the other side of the mountain. They have this one about 40% contained and it sprinkled today which always helps.

We had a friend on mine (Nan- who Carol Reed knows) staying with us while the Fallbrook Fire was going but she and her home is just fine. So far our turning club members have not lost any of their houses. Some out buildings but not homes- thank god. Thanks for the good thoughts and our prayers are with the people who face losses in these fires.


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Good news!
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