Turning Archive 2007

next step - do the bottom!

Carol Reed - in Nebraska
>Thanks for the help with the scratches. Wally reminded me about shear scraping with the bowl gouge after waxing. That did it. Made me nervous though! I gotta get back to Arizona for another lesson! That'll take a year!!

Now I need to do the bottom. No 'jam' chuck. No Longworth. No vacuum chuck. The bowl is nearly 9 inches in diameter. Almost hits the ways!

My thought (with regard to what I have on hand): Mount a piece of plywood on a face plate, after cutting it round on the band saw. Stick on a WalMart Sticky Foamie. Bring up the tailstock with the live center. Light cuts only.

The question is how to get it centered!

Other suggestions very welcome.

Also, I bagged the bowl as Wally suggested. I think I will lacquer it, as oil makes it darker than I'd like. Should I do that to the inside and outside before I finish the bottom, or wait until the whole bowl is done? Also have to get to the auto parts store next week and get some finer sandpaper. I only had up to 320. I know, I know, order some from Vince.

I'd do pictures, but my desktop PC crashed and I don't have the camera software on the laptop. Need a new drive and complete re-install. Bummer big time. So I am making sawdust to keep from screaming!

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