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DIY - faceplate caliper - cheap & best I've used *PIC*

>The following set of postings illustrates and describes how to make the most useful caliper for faceplate work that I have used. If you buy it from a catalog they cost $50 plus shipping. There's also something that recently came out that works on the same principal but costs $70 plus shipping. If you make the one described below it costs about $5 if you use brass rod and less than $3 if you use steel rod. Everything can be found in any hardware store. You can modify the plan to make it custom suited for very wide flatish turnings (big plates & platters) or very deep narrow turnings with small openings (hollow forms). You can make it as big or small as you want. It takes less than a half hour to put together.

Materials list:

3 feet of 3/16" brass ($4.49) or steel rod ($1.79)

1 cable ferrule ($0.49)

2 drops of thin CA glue (nominal)

Hint: When you get to the hardware store grab the rod first. Then check to make sure that it slides through both holes of the ferrule. These parts aren't machined to fine tolerences.

NOTE 1: In case you don't know what a cable ferrule is - its a coupling used to make an end loop in wire rope. You pass the wire rope through one channel and back through the other in the opposite direction, leaving the size loop that you want. You then crimp the ferrule to hold the wire rope. A picture of a cable ferrule is below.

Note 2: All bends described are made in the same plane. In other words the bent rod always lies flat.

Note 3: Please don't take offense at the detail. I realize most of you could do it from the pictures alone. The detail is for those who might need it.

Step by step instructions are in the following posts, along with photos.

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