Turning Archive 2007

Oil and spalted maple= yellow *PIC*

steve antonucci
>Here is the hollowform that I turned from a stump that I cut a few months ago. The spalting and curly figure were too good to pas up, so I took it all!

This piece is roughly the size of a softball, and turned through a 5/8" hole to something about 3/16". It weighs 3.3oz, and was modeled after an apple.

I really debated dying it red to accentuate the "apple theme", but in the end I used Bush Oil. I like the Bush oil, but I wish that I had left it natural and just sprayed it with lacquer instead. I think the oil muted some of the tones that were present, and I won't use it on the rest of the maple, but I will use it on cherry and walnut.

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