Turning Archive 2007

Two Small Gloats

Steve in NC
>No. 1 Just been lurking for the last two months. Been too busy preparing for a small galley show. Set up the display this afternoon. About thirty items ranging from bowls to earrings. Sold my first piece before I had even finished setting up. What an ego boost.

No. 2 More important, I finally convinced myself that in order to advance to the next level in turning I had to step up from the five year old Delta Iron bed lathe. So, with Klingspor having a sale, I purchased a PM 3520B. Good deal and what great folks at the Raleigh store, they are going to deliver it assembled right to my shop (garage) door.

The only down side. Two days after they deliver the PM, I start an out of town project that will keep me away for most of the next three months. After lusting for the PM for three years it will kill me knowing it will sit idle in my shop for three months. At least I will know it will be there when I return.

With the recent rains, all is well.


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