Turning Archive 2007

some help needed - Wally?? my mentor?

Carol Reed - in Nebraska
>Well, gang, I finally have one on the lathe I haven't blown up yet. And I really don't want to, either. :) This piece has lovely grain and a little chatoyance. (sp?)

Terry Q at Indy Fest gave me a couple of bowl blanks turned when wet - elm, I think? Now they are drier than a box of Kleenix in the Sahara!

I have one in a pleasing shape to me, but I have tear out problems. I have discovered that I can get a catch with every tool I have. LOL.

So how do I get those little tear outs gone? The ol' 80 grit gouge would take forever.

Also the grain gets pretty tight and the wood is so dry, that now cracking is a problem. Discovered that while trying to sand. Learned to crank the speed all the way down on my mini lathe! I used CA to stop the one crack I discovered. Then I dusted myself off and came in to get some advise.

I remember Wally teaching me something about applying oil or wax and then turning a little more. But my memory has been poluted with learning Greek and Hebrew the last couple of years, so I don't remember clearly what he taught me.

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