Turning Archive 2007

Received My Replacement Hunter Tool

Ron in Drums PA
>You have to love CSUSA. They let me return my Hunter#3.

After talking to them I decided to try out an unhandled Hunter #4 and use it with a Kelton handle.

Maybe its the way I turn. But with the extra mass from the handle and the thicker bar, this tool worked like I heard it should.

No more chattering, skipping or white knuckles. And no learning curve. Success with the very first cut

The #4 bar is around 8-1/2" long, inserted into the handle gave me a little more than 6" to work with. I was able to work with the bar hanging over the tool rest an easy 5-1/4". and it worked wonderfully. The transition from the bottom to the side was flawless.

I'm sold! When is the curved model coming out?

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