Turning Archive 2007

competition at a guild retail store

Dick Coers
>I'm trying to get my head around a situation at our Art Guild retail store. Maybe I'm too sensitive about this. Maybe because it is a guild store, it's not like a real gallery. I would like to see what some of you think.
I've had pens, ornaments, square boxes, platters, and bowls at the Art Guild store for several years now. Another member of our AAW club recently joins the guild and now has bowls and turned boxes on the shelves.
Do you think this is a breach of courtesy, or just healthy competition? It's kinda got my shorts in a bunch, but to be honest, I have never sold a single bowl there. Lots of pens and a fair number of ornaments. It seems that in this town, I have competition from Pier 1 on my bowls anyway. Just would like to see what some others think or have you had this happen to you?

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