Turning Archive 2007

A bigger man knows when he messed up...

steve antonucci
>I sent an apology to Ellis to let him know that I was sorry for being one of the folks that got involved in a little too heated debate. I'm not looking to make WC anything more than what it is, I have no agenda, but I am confused by what happened with Wally's post.

I've admired Wally's work for years. Every time I try to make a beaded vessel, it ends up being thinner because I cut the beads off. He's obviously a very talented turner.

I started a thread about what I thought could be copied and what I thought was public domain. I made my position very clear- I do NOT think that techniques like burning, coloring,etc are copyrights. I then very clearly said that as an extension of that position, that Wally's piece was not a copy of Molly's work. I'm unsure how, but this was twisted into me accusing Wally of copying Molly's work. Fur flew after that, which I could see if I had said it.

But I didn't.

I've been on trial for something I never said, which seems to be a recurring theme here. The person who actually accused Wally of copying hasn't heard a single bad word. How's that for irony?


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