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Copying, Plagarism Again?..... *PIC*

Wally Dickerman in Arizona
>It seems that every few months sombody brings up the subject of copying others' work. With a few exceptions, most of it is rediculous in my opinion.

Some time ago I posted a photo of a piece on WoW. It had lots of pyrography. Somebody accused me of copying Molly's work. Absolutely NOT! First, the form was one that I had used for years, long before Molly turned her first bowl. The texturing and the the theme was not like anything Molly had done. In fact Molly herself stated that mine was original and not a copy. But the charge had still been made. Look at the pic and see for yourself.

There have been some posts on WoW more recently by Joey Richardson. Some absolutely wonderful platters with piercing, color, and using butterflys as a theme. The charge of copying Binh Pho's work was made by a well known turner. Rediculous! The form was a platter which is not a form that Binh uses. Who knows who was the first to use piercing on turnings. It wasn't Binh. Butterflies? One of Mother Natures creatures which anyone should feel free to use. Again, the charge of copying was made.

In my opinion this whole subject of copying and plagarism has been way overblown.

Did Ellsworth really copyright a form, or is that just a stupid rumor?


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