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Metal turning wood lathe.... 4 u Machinists....

>Metal heads... I need your help!!

I have finished six metal handles for my Doug Thompson tools and my hands and wrists have taken a beating... and I have another 6-8 handles to replace on other tools!!!

I know wood lathes used to serve double duty as metal lathes, so I want to add a cross-slide table and quick change tool post to my old Powercraft gap bed lathe so I can give my hands a rest and save them for woodturning. I have a 1.5hp motor and a VFD that works great, so I know I can dial in the right speed for the materials used (brass, aluminum and mild steel.)

My question:

How do I determine the correct combination of cross-slide and tool post/holders to fit the swing on my lathe, which is 12.875"? so I don't get the tool bits above the center height of the spindle. The cross slides I have been looking at are 4.5" total height and weigh in at 45# +/-.

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