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Coving tool

Jonathan Hess
>This is a copy of an e-mail I sent to the AAW forum moderators. I had nothing to do with this attempt to sell anything. I regret my friend took this action in my name. He will hear from me.
Gentleman: I'm a member of AAW. I'm sending this to both of you in the
hopes you can act quickly. Do not allow any postings from someone named
Ben or nvaturner. I think I have the names right.
I seems a well intentioned but utterly misguided friend of mine has
tried to "help" me by posting a question about coving tools and then
loggin as some one else and giving my web URL.to my web site where I
sell coving tools of my own design. He did this on at least four other
forums. He is not a woodturner nor an IT professional. As a woodturner
and former IT
manager, I would never approve or condone such behaver. Of course the
other moderators caught this right away and now have labeled me a hoax,
trying to gain free advertising on there forums. Perhaps you could post
this in the forum in the hopes that my fellow woodturners would
understand what has happened and maybe restore their faith in me and my
I am sure my friend ment no harm, but he has done me a great disservice
and may have ruined my chances for any success. Since my site is only a
few weeks old, I have not really gone public and have done no marketing
or promotion as yet. I may not be able to now.
Rest assured, when I get him on the phone, I will give him a lashing not
heard since my days as a member of the 82nd ABN. DIV.
Please accept my apology to all AAW members and to the woodturning
community in general for any trouble this may have caused.
Thank you in advance for your attention to this matter.

If you need to contact me for more details or any reason, my # is
p.s. Since my name is mud at these other forums, do you have any
suggestions as to how I can get in touch with these moderators??
Jonathan Hess

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