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Another interesting topic: turning demographics

steve antonucci
>Ruth Harding brough up an interesting point below: why aren't there that many "turners of color?" (assuming that "caucasian" is not a color, right?") As a group, I think we put 5 or 6 names in a few minutes to illustrate that there are probably more than people know...

Which brings me to the next topic: The internet makes us all the same. We can use our real names or pseudonyms to describe ourselves, but in the end, there are real people behind every post. When I went to Totally Turning, I "confirmed" my suspicion about the demographic of a typical turner. I'm not in it.

As we sat around the opening session, I looked around the room, and quickly confirmed that at the ripe old age of 41, I was the youngest guy in the room. I made mental notes and here's what I would suggest an "average turner" looks like (YMMV):

Male. 55-60 years old, slightly overweight. Longer hair (with the exception of those who had lost their hair), probably uncomfortable in a suit. Probably very accomplished in their profession. Very intelligent and well spoken. Often bearded.

Aside from not being old enough to fit the description and clean shaven, how many of these can you tick off for yourself?


Feeling pretty sassy this afternoon...

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