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Turning Political Correctness...

steve antonucci
>We haven't had a lively debate in a while, so I figured I'd see if this topic irked anyone else:

On the age old subject of copying/plagiarism- is anyone else IRKED by some of the attributions? Not picking on anyone in particular, but a few lines down, Keith Zimmerman attributes his inspiration for the box he made to Mike Stafford. Mike is the local box hero of record, but hardly the inventor of such. I know that Ron Sardo makes boxes, and posted a design from nearly 100 years ago for a box, so these things are commonplace.

Have we gotten so extreme to say that every little nit and detail has to be attributed to "someone" or is there still the idea that "public domain" exists in the world of woodturning?

I'm not suggesting that there aren't things so specific that attributing inspiration isn't a nice thing to do (e.g. Andi's burned leaves, Eagle's wave pen blanks...), but jeez, it's just a box!

Let's keep it civil...


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