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Wednesday's Chat - Favorite Woodturning Finishes

Steve Russell
>Hello to the group,

Please join us this Wednesday night for our weekly Turning Chat. This week our topic will be:

Favorite Woodturning Finishes for Bowls, Pens and Hollow Forms: Numerous members have asked me to schedule a "favorite finishes" chat night... If you have a favorite finish for your woodturnings, please join us as we discuss our all time favorite finishes. No matter if you prefer a manufactured or store bought finish, or you custom brew your own "secret" signature finish, we would love for you to join us and discuss your thoughts on finishing and what makes a good finish for various types of woodturnings. If you have a photo of a completed woodturning with your favorite finish, please send it to Ron. This should be a great night to visit with your fellow WC friends. I hope to see you there... :-)

We will start the chat with a 15 minute review of 2 selected works by our WC friends. If you are interested in having your work reviewed at the turning chat, remember to email Ron Sardo: (ron@simplyturning.com) 1 or 2 (max.) photos of some of your recent work (completed or unfinished, in process etc.) for our "Show and Tell" session. Please indicate whether you are submitting the photos as "Completed Work" for a critique, or as an "Assistance Needed" submission that you would like some type of help, or assistance with.

Turning Chat room opens at 9:00pm EDT (For meet and greet)
Show-N-Tell starts at 9:30pm EDT
Main Topic starts at 9:45pm EDT
Post Chat Wrap-Up starts at 10:30pm EDT (For extended discussions if desired)

Steve Russell
Wednesday Night Turning Chat Moderator

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Wednesday's Chat - Favorite Woodturning Finishes
Mine is Elbow grease. :) *NM*
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