Turning Archive 2007

Canyon Studios Workshop (long) *LINK*

Ed Karch
>Al Neighbors has been requesting a report but I was on a very long road trip and unable to comply till now. Just like any place there are pluses and minuses about any workshop. The plusses here are small classes. There is only room for five. This is not a big place. Another plus is the teaching staff, they are top notch. You will be sleeping in a motel a few miles away and eating in resturants. Lunch is ordered out to conserve shop time and it is an opportunity to chat with your instructor and fellow students. Would I recommend Canyon Studio? Yes if you see a class or teacher that interests you. I chose a wood turning/glass mixed media workshop. This required two days of basic glass for turners or basic turning for glass folks. The glass session was taught by Flo Vasquez of Austin TX. She was an excellent teacher and opened the mysteries of fused glass to four turners and a potter. The turning session was taught by Jimmy Clewes who is one of the best teachers of wood turning around. It was a very intense five days starting with designing a project that combine the two media without looking like something with two crafts jamed together. There were only four turners in the class and with Jimmy we spent a couple of days bouncing ideas off each other and building models. I hade one project that went through ten design changes from start to finish and another that solidified from the get go with only minor adjustments. Everyone managed to complete at least one project and some two or three. Will I continue with the combination of glass and wood? The kiln shipped today and will be here this weekend.

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