Turning Archive 2007

Update on big lathe purchase...

GolfSteve in Calgary
>So you all talked me into it (http://www.woodcentral.com/cgi-bin/turning.pl?read=162891) - I decided to go ahead and buy the big lathe. There were some ups and downs with the seller not being sure he really wanted to sell, but eventually he decided to downsize and sold me his old lathe for about half of what a new one would cost. I think this lathe will add a lot of capability to what I can do in the shop.

It came with a bunch of accessories, that when added up probably are worth $1000 on their own, including a 24" tool rest, a oneway stronghold chuck with four sets of jaws, a bunch of bowl rests, and a bunch of faceplates.

He also got rid of some of his turning stock, but I noted he didn't let any of his "good stuff" go even though it will be too large for his new lathe. The box on the lower right of the following picture is a disc sander stand/base for the lathe.

I know nothing about turning except for making a mallet five years ago on a buddy's lathe and a bit of reading, so I laminated up some 2x4's and tried my hand at a bowl today:

Nothing too flash, and I wasn't trying to achieve perfection on my first try, but it was fun and I managed to not kill myself. I will be taking a turning course next month and look forward to doing more spinny stuff.

I was also lucky and had to travel to Colorado for work last week and picked up some curly maple turning blanks really cheap at Rockler (they cost $10 at Rockler, and locally those blanks would have run $40-$60).

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