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Portland Woodworking Show

Jerry Klug
>The Portland Woodworker Show had fewer exhibitors than any show I have attended. I have been going to the WWSs for many years and this was so poorly done I won’t attend another until I hear that they have great improvement. There was little promotion. I got a postcard in the mail three days before the show. I wouldn’t have any other advance notice if I hadn’t been regularly checking their web site. Since it is a 150 mile drive, I had hoped to make it worthwhile. I had hope of getting a number of turning supplies but there were no turning vendors at the show, not Packard, Craft Supply, Rockler or Woodcraft. I was able to get most of what I needed by visiting the Beaverton Rockler store and the Tigard Woodcraft. Woodcrafters had a big display of only Festool equipment. The spring Puyallup, WA show was smaller than I remembered previous shows but there was a lot for turners to see and learn from with the Craft Supply classes. This one was quite a disappointment for every turner I spoke to.

The one bright side was that I was able to order a Powermatic 3520B through Western Tool at a price below any on the internet. It will be delivered to the Bend Western Tool store in about 2 weeks. Now I have to figure how to safely unload it. The 3520B was the only lathe on display at the show other than a few minis. I got a 5 piece turners set of Crown tools from Rockler at 20% off for their Show Special e-mail coupon and a SuperNova2 chuck from Woodcraft for $149. When the lathe arrives I will be ready to start making some shavings. After I get some proficiency at smooth cutting, I can start looking at expanding my tool inventory.

The only small things I got at the show were some accessories for my Tormek, a splitter for the table saw (that Peachtree only sells at shows), some chip collector fittings and a nifty spring actuated center punch. They are available at Woodcraft but were discounted at the show. If it weren’t for the lathe, it wouldn’t have been worth the parking fee let alone the admission.

Next weekend is the Consumer Woodworking Expo In Seattle. I would like to hear how this new show is organized.

Now I have to get busy and get the shop ready for the “mustard monster”.

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