Turning Archive 2007

Jet live center thread size? Dom?

Carol - now in NC Nebraska
>At Indy Fest I got a Jet live center #709933. (Thanks, Mike!) I need to know the thread size for the add on accessories. There was some discussion on SMC with Dom about this center, but this is my favorite forum so I am asking here. Aside from which, what I need to know wasn't there. So what is the thread size for this live center?

The reason I want to know is that Stu on Family Woodworking showed how to make thread-on face plates, jam chucks, etc. by using a Beal tap. So if I have the thread size and get the tap I can make my own accessories. The mini lathe is 1" x 8 and I think I already own that tap. Can't check until I get back to Arizona.

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