Turning Archive 2007

A "New" Wood Preservation Technique from 1905 *PIC*

Ken Grunke from SW WI
>I've been perusing Google Books, and came across this tidbit in a 1905 issue of Popular Mechanics Shop Notes. Could this be the next big fad in woodturning, to surpass LDD, DNA, or WWGS (Wally's White Glue Soak)?

Has the Powell Heated Sugar Soak, or PHSS, yet been proven by modern participants in the field of woodturning? Or will old technology be forgotten? Should we fire up our sugar pots and get our blogs ready for what could be the treatment of all treatments, or will we end up with a sticky mess of shavings attracting ants, bees and hummingbirds into our woodshops? Read on, and decide for yourselves.

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