Turning Archive 2007

My Hollowing Calipers..... *PIC*

Wally Dickerman in Arizona
>When turning thin walled hollow vessels it is very important to have accurate calipers. As the walls get thin they must be measured frequently. Many turners are using laser devices but I don't think that I would trust one as the walls get very thin.

About 20 years ago an Australian turner, I don't remember his name, did a demo for the Seattle Chapter turning club. He demonstrated a pair of calipers that he had invented and had patented. They were excellent, so several of us ordered a pair. I've been using them ever since. They are very accurate. They are hard plastic so they don't scratch the wood.

He gave the distribution rights to somebody here in the US, I don't remember who. Unfortunately, his company went out of business not long after that and they became no longer available. The patent has probably expired so someone would be doing turners a favor if they manufacture some.

The bottom one in the pic is for measuring in the upper part of the vessel and the top one is for the lower part.


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