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white balance settings on canon A85

john lucas
>Keith and others who are interested. I just set up a test on out canon A85 since that is as close as we can get to Keiths camera. The shot on the left is done in Auto white balance using 3200 degree kelvin photo lamps. As you can see it's a little warm in photo lingo, orange to most folks. The photo on the right was done with the white balance setting on the Tungsten setting. That's the little light bulb with short lines around it. These photos were totally unretouched and downloaded in Photoshop. On my monitor which is color balanced the one on the right is correct.

I believe Keith said he was using the tungsten balance setting so the only thing I can think of is his lights may be putting out less than 32oo degrees kelvin. My quartz worklights that I use to teach product photography are actually 2700 dK and they are so slightly warm I don't even color correct. House hold lights are usually anywhere from 2000 to 2400 DK. Even the Reveal bulbs which appear blue to your eye still shoot like tungsten lights and measure about 2400 DK.

So Keith, short of getting together with you and working with your camera I'm still in the dark. I could be your monitor is not correct and when you correct the color it's coming up warm on our monitors.

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