Turning Archive 2007

How could I have not done this sooner!??!!@! *PIC*

steve antonucci
>So, I made a list of things to do when I got home from Totally Turning in Albany, and sloooowwwlllly, I'm knocking them down one by one...

1.) Regrind Skew to Alan Lacer's profile. Check.

2.) Cut holly blanks for Peter Exton style inside-out candlesticks. Check.

3.) Make a HOOK TOOL. As of tonight, CHECK!

If you've never tried a hook tool, and you have the opportunity to watch Andre Martel throw 1" wide by 1/16" thick shavings that are 20' long from a wet, end grain log, you will know the true joy of woodturning.

Let's make a hook tool.

Tonight, I took a 1/4" bar of O1 steel and heated the end to glowing yellow orange (MAPP torch). I pounded about an inch of it flat (1/16" +/-), and then went over to my belt grinder to get it flat on both sides and the top edge. This took 5 minutes.

I also ground the flat top to an edge, but not the final edge. It's just a lot easier when the steel is flat than after you've bent the hook. (The next one will probably start looking like a butterknife before bending.)

Back to the vise, where it's heated to glowing again and the hook is formed by gripping the tip with the vise and turning. I also used a pair of vise grips to coax the final shape. Andre Martel twists and recesses his a bit, so I followed his suit.

I heat the whole thing again glowing with a torch with the intent of hardening it in mineral oil. One quick dunk, and a small wire brush to get the scale off.

Over to the Tormek to try to sharpen. It's skating on the wheel, so I know that the steel is hard. I lightly touch the edges, and hone the inside with 600 grit used paper around a small drill bit, since I can't find my diamond hone. Finally, the tool is cut from the rest of the bar stock and set into my boring bar for a test.

Here's a picture. Keep reading...


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