Turning Archive 2007

When is Thin Too Thin?...

Wally Dickerman in Arizona
>I'm turning pieces for piercing, and they must be thin walled. 1/16th inch. Over the years I've turned hundreds of thin walled HF's. On a few of them I've screwed up. Okay, I just did it again. A nice piece of curly maple. 4 inches dia. and about 7 inches deep. The wood is dry. I shaped the outside except for near the bottom, roughed it out inside, about 3/8 to 1/2 inch walls. I sanded the outside, sanding the upper 2/3rds. It's a small opening, about 3/4 inch. I'm doing fine, getting it nice and thin down almost to the heavy wood near the bottom, measuring frequently with my calipers. Measured it once more....says zero thickness. Yep, I can see tiny holes through the wood.

I've done this often enough over the years that I don't go bananas....just a few choice cuss words, a couple of heavy sighs, take it off the chuck, a longing glance at the pretty wood, and into the trash bin....Oh well.


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