Turning Archive 2007

Oh yeah! I own a lathe!!!!

David Breth
>Last night, I was looking at one of my kid's toys - one of those horse heads on a stick that you "ride" by jumping around and being between the ages of 2 and 5? Well, "ours" was busted. The hollow plastic post that you ride got snapped. I looked at it, concluded that I might have a piece of dowling that would fit that hollow area, and would therefore be able to repair the horse. Ohhhhh, bad news. The dowling is too big. Hmmmm......now what do I do......then:


Oh yeah, I own a lathe! That thing I spend countless hours on two feet away from me. Ten minutes later I had a smaller piece of dowling that fit like a glove and horsey was repaired for his next adventure. I just thought it was funny in the respect that I always think of the lathe as a producer of bowls and other creative things. I completely forgot the more mundane "I need something round" functionality that the tool offers.

David B.

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