Turning Archive 2007

Indyfest Fallout *PIC*

Cyril Griesbach
>Well, fallout isn't quite what it sounds like. I have tried for some time to get my wife, Carol to try turning and while at Indyfest the magic hit thanks to the guys that call themselves the OFC. Duane got her going on the new Red Kobra on the Jet mini and later Al had her going with the Green Kobra on the Powermatic. Jerry was just as excited as Carol was and....me too!

She really liked that Jet mini sooooooo...now she has one and she misses turning if she can't get at it for a day or two. I'm probably the last person to give instruction but we did a few days of basic tool use and control and put her on some small projects. Here are some pens and bottle stoppers. We will also work on some design considerations and lots of the details of this wonderful world of woodturning.

Indyfest...don't miss it!!

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