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Rockwell 46-111 Wood Lathe

George@Colonel's Workshop-Havertown PA
>Good Afternoon Friends,

My best friend has purchased an old Rockwell lathe which appears in flawless shape. I have turned a bowl on it, and its smooth and powerful. 4 speed dual stepped pulley system with the Rockwell Motor slung below the stand. I noticed the motor speed was 3400 rpm or so as compared to the 1725 on my Jet 1236 lathe. We have no way of knowing the spindle speeds at various pulley settings. It seems to spin pretty fast as compared to my Jet. Is the 3400+rpm motor on the Rockwell normal for that tool? Can anyone furnish the actual spindle rpm at the four pulley settings? I've looked for useful info from the Delta web site, but got only an exploded parts diagram. One other question. It needs a replacement drive spur. Is a #2 Morse correct? Thanks,


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