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PT glote dilema 220 drop and two lathes

John Kyler
>Ok had to call an electrician in at work as someone decided we had to have a Oneway 2436 on display... What a monster.. So now I HAVE to do my demos on that.... HAPPY DANCE..
I also have a request to turn some table bases (24" dia)that wont fit on my lathe at home so I have to buy a new lathe, and sell the wonderful Woodfast I have had for a couple of years... Because I can get the Powermatic 4224 $2,000 less than the Oneway I will end up ordering one of those for home and again will have to have the electrician drop 220 in my home shop. I like the Oneway but so far I cant get an employee discount on it yet.
Man life is tough...
What a life.

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PT glote dilema 220 drop and two lathes
John.. email me :)
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