Turning Archive 2007

Two small apricot burl turnings *PIC*

Eddie Pacheco, San Jose, Ca.
>Last Sun. Troy German stopped by with two pieces of apricot burl for me. He also brought along his chainsaw and we cut the pieces to manageable size. This wood had been sitting in a wearhouse for a long time so there was a fair amount of checking on the ends. Last night and today I turned these two small forms from some small chucks of the burl. The little bowl is 1.5" dia. x 1.25" tall. The Osolnik inspired piece is 5" tall and 1.25" di. at the base.
To fight tearout I used the skew on the outside, but then I also tried the Hunter cutter to see how that would work. It worked quite well, not as good a finish as a skew, but no tear out either. I also hogged out the insides with the this tool and I really like the results. I took John's suggestion of keeping the tool angled at about 35 degrees or so and I get nice shavings. It will catch, bigtime, if you straighten/level it to ride the bevel. At least for me that was the effect. For me this cutter insert and improved skill with the skew has really helped. I have way less sanding time.

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