Turning Archive 2007

Thanks Ellis, John Lucas and others too

Mike Brazeau
>This site is simply amazing! Yesterday on our way back from totally Turning we stopped into the Woodcraft in Rochester. Some amazing force drew us to it from the NYS Thruway and it was only a few minutes drive. I almost shouted with glee as I found a pretty good assortment of the Hunter Tools and a few cutters. I have been following these threads on the Hunter Tools and chomping at the bit to try them. After some thought I bought a #3 cutter knowing of the discussions which have taken place over the past couple of months. Hopefully it is a good starting point. Now I have to round up a drill, tap and screw and make a holder from some of my steel supply.
I just cut and pasted several pages of posts into a Word document, mainly by John, Russ and a few others that have been trying them and should easily be able to get something together.
What an amazing time to be a wooodturner and one that likes to make tools too!

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