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New (old?) Chainsaw *PIC*

Jim K in Trappe PA
>I picked up a David Bradley electric chainsaw this weekend. I never heard of David Bradley, but have since learned it was a Sears line, mainly garden tractors from the 30's thru 1964.

This has a 10 amp motor, and runs like a champ, with a lot of torque. The bar sticks out 16". If you look closely right behind the top front handle, you will see a silver oil pump sticking out at 45 degrees - manual chain oil! In the back, behind the nameplate is a black circle - that is a screw, with a matching one on the other side. I think it is for changing the motor brushes (not sure what brushes are, but know that in the old days they would change them instead of throwing the tool away!).

Gotta sharpen the blade, but can't wait to use it. Should save some wear and tear on my bandsaw in the basement!

Jim K.

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New (old?) Chainsaw *PIC*
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they sure don't make 'em like they used to
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