Turning Archive 2007

Spalted Yellow Birch Bowl *PIC*

George Van
>Since there is a lot of spalted birch being posted I had to show this one. This was one of the nicest pieces of spalted yellow birch I have come across so far. It is a yellow birch bowl I just finished, it is 16.5”x5”. The rim is undercut to a 3/8” wall thickness. The finish is Russ’ blend. I chose a foot to elevate to show the grain and figure a little more. I cored and got four blanks out of this, the 13” bowl I posted earlier It is too bad I was unable to capture the chatoyance in this photo, it has a lot as this came from the stump which was growing on legs so you could shake hands under it. A logger and I cut the legs at the ground and then hauled it out of the woods on the forwarder bunks. I did get some more spalted platter and bowl blanks out of the stump also. I look forward to finishing some of these shortly. Comments and suggestions appreciated.

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