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Alphonso sea urchin ornament *PIC*

Ed Moore
>I decided to try reversing the Alphonso sea urchin shells when I make ornaments and put the small opening on the top, thereby creating a parachute effect or umbrella. I like this style much better for the large Alphonso shells with diameters of about 3 3/4". The purple shows much better this way. I make the icicle from purpleheart and use an ebony collar to add to the stability and strength of the joint.

At a small craft bazaar yesterday the Alphonsos like this one were by far the most popular of those available.

As you can see from the picture, the icicle extends through the small opening and provides the finial. The ebony collar completes the finial and adds to the strength of the joint.


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Alphonso sea urchin ornament *PIC*
Good work, Ed!
Very nice!!! *NM*
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