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Just walking in from Totally Turning

steve antonucci
>All I can do is applaud the effort that the event organizers put into a first class event. Certainly, it is an event worth attending, and without a doubt I will attend it annually. If it's not on your calendat, it should be.

I got to spend a bunch of time with Gary Ljostad, Ron Sardo, Andy DiPietro, Keith Tompkins, Terry Fox and Seth Chamberlain (who might just start hanging around here...right, Andy?). Aside from the common interest in things turning related, we had plenty of time to discuss inspiration, influence, and a myriad of OT subjects. What a greta bunch of guys to hang around with. Gary even brought his son Chris (13), who had turned a wonderful translucent NIP bowl (if only had known...)

I sat through 7 discussions and topics from hollowing to theory to technique. Keith and I had a great deal of discussion around form and proportion, which I think we are both very passionate about. Sitting through his rotation, he provides some very good material and inspiration for turners of all level.

I also had looked forward to see Peter Exton's session, and Ron Sardo and I sat together with Seth a seat over. If you've never heard of him or seen his work, you are missing one of the most talented turners I've ever seen. My head is still swimming with the information from his session. Worth the price of admission.

Oh yeah, I also met Don Orr, Matt Clarke, Mike Brazeau (just barely, but it counts!), Karl Ford, and a dozen other people I will eventually regret not mentioning and spending more time with.

There were also demonstrations by Andre Martel and Johannes Michelson to see who could make a bigger mess in as little time as possible. Long after the shavings are gone, The Egg will have a little something to remember the hat making demo by. (you have to look up...:-) If you ever wondered how long it can take to turn a 15"x6" wide item down to a 1/16" inch, the answer is "not long"...

What else? Food was great. Auction was great. Raffle was great. Instant Gallery was incredible. I also met Mike Foster, who had a great piece that Keith and I debated "Best in Show" and "Turned vs. Carved" for old times sake :-).

Most importantly, I think the event "made new friends" for me. Congrats on a successful event guy! See you next year.


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