Turning Archive 2007

Conover Larthe Bearing assistance requested.

B T Ferraro
>I've noticed a bearing noise. Perhaps best described as a squeak at 3/4 maximun RPM. The lathe has been relatively lightly used. I tried adjusting the preload a couple of times and it seemed to be gone. Now it's back. I started removing the spindle but the seal didn't pop out with light persuasion. Before going any further I would like to have another set of seals and bearings on hand before proceeding further. I've been unable to locate numbers despite numerous searches.

If anyone has access to this information it would be most appreciated.

ALso the manual stated that the front bearing need not be removed from the spindle but it seems to me to be difficult to imagine forcing grease into them while on the spindle. Would also appreciate suggestion for the removal of the bearings from the spindle should they need to be replaced as well.

Thanks for any assistance you might be able to provide.

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