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Dave Smith, Longview, WA
>Sandy and I rolled in to Longview, WA Thursday afternoon. We left WF, TX Monday morning and took our time driving home. The wind God were favoring us until we reached Idaho. From Pocotillo to Boise mileage dropped from 14mpg to 11.5mpg. I could complain but no one would care. After crossing Wyoming with nothing but a slight breeze I expected to see Rod Searling at every sign post.

I want to thank SWAT for allowing me to present at the symposium. The experience was very educational for me. The next time I present I will be much better prepared. The technical assistance was beyond my expectation and made my first multimedia presentation possible. Kudos to the entire staff for the great experience.

Dave Smith

Cool and overcast, but the shop is still a mess in Longview, WA.

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