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Ethical Question?

Keith Newton
>I have a show coming up too soon, and I need to stay out in the shop instead of being in here typing, but I was pondering something , and thought I would seek your input.

I have always felt and used inspirations from nature in my work, but as of late, some of my work is so closely mimicking nature, that I am wondering, how close can you get and still claim credit for the design? Ha

I will post some photos pretty soon showing what I have been doing, and seeing if you like it, and or whether I get to claim any credits or not.

Oh, I have read so much environmental stuff back through the years, that I don't remember where I read it, but there was an opening paragraph to something that I read a long time ago which started out something like this.

"There is so much to learn from nature, that some of the information that you gain from studying it , can be life changing. That is, that after you learn, or find something, it will set your life on a new path, that without it, you would not take". Thus, this information is a part of your complete self, and or that it is a part of your self that you have yet to find ~
without it you would be someone else, yet less. It should instill an eagerness to pay attention and learn what we can from that which is all around us.

Does this ring a bell with any of you? It reminds me of Emerson, but I can't seem to find this paragraph in the book that I have of his lectures, and the last time I googled it, I didn't find what I was looking for.

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