Turning Archive 2007

Sprinkler pipes are not fly wood proof!

Craig Daymon
>I was roughing a piece of Purpleheart last night and a corner came off and went right for the plastic sprinkler pipe. Instant shower! I really wish the pressure in my regular shower was anywhere near that. Finally found the shut-off valve while on the phone with 911. Unfortunately, that pointed out the fact that there is a slow leak back by the shut-off. Fire marshall stopped by today and told me that all the sprinkler heads on the 2nd floor (no, not the basement) are recalls and need to be replaced. Spent the day mopping up wet sawdust and cleaning tools, talking to sprinkler contractors and fire marshalls.

As I understand it, in an unfinished basement (like a workshop does not constitute a finished basement...so much for taste) these pipes should be copper. Well, they are not. So I also need to figure a way to shield these pipes from any future projectiles.

Still haven't turned the lathe back on...or the grinder...or the mini-lathe that was behind the 3520. Fingers are crossed.

Hope everyone else is having a better day.


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