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SWAT was Awesome!!

Allen Neighbors
>I just returned from SWAT in Wichita Falls. It was an outstanding symposium... but what do I know... it was my first. :-)
I attended 10 demos, and learned a lot (that I'll probably forget before I get to put it to use). But. My first demo was Anthony Harris, from Overland Park, KS. SPHERES THREE WAYS
Anthony was getting some turning blanks ready for his demo when I got there early. I asked him if he was going to hand-chase some threads in this demo, since he had about a dozen threaded sphere boxes in the IG. He said no, he didn’t intend to… but then he said, “We’ve got a little time right now why don’t we do some.”
He made a little box out of Tola-something, and a lid out of Pau Rosa, 4 inches tall 1-1/2” wide. He did this little box in about 15 minutes time, while answering all of our questions and explaining things as he turned.
Then it was time for the demo, which he did and explained very well. He made turning spheres so simple, and interspersed his explanations with little bits of humor for added enjoyment. He's an extremely nice man, and I really enjoyed his demonstrations. (I made his demo twice)
I wanted that little box, which he had turned on a whim just because I wanted to see him chase some threads. It was unfinished, and unsigned, but I wanted it to use as my inspiration and my guide while I practiced chasing threads. He sold it to me.
Then I went to the Craft Supply Booth and bought a pair of thread chasers. I've been wanting to learn to hand-chase threads for a couple of years now.
Here’s hoping……
Overall, SWAT was definitely worth attending. They had something for everyone.
Sorry, I didn't have time to take pictures. The way I shake they'd have been blurry anyway.

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