Turning Archive 2007

Skew Honing

>Because we have been talking about skews the last two days I have to ask a question. Understand that I like my tools very sharp and I sharpen often. I have a DMT card that I hone my skew with many times before grinding as people have mentioned before in a previous thread. I hear about people going through multiple steps (often up to three different steps) that sounds time consuming when they sharpen their skew. Grinder, honing card of some sort then often a leather belt or strop which will leave a superb edge! Please hear me clearly in no way am I knocking anyones sharpening processes! I appreciate and want a superb edge on all my tools. However, it seems within a short period of time (perhaps even seconds) a superb fine edge will often be lost after introducing the skew to your work. My question is if you go through multiple steps to hone one's skew does it keep an edge any longer then simply touching the shew up with a DMT honing card? If not what is the advantage of multiple skew sharpening steps other then having a superb edge for detail or finial cuts? Thanks.

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