Turning Archive 2007

Rcent large project *PIC*

Chuck Engstrom
>Hi all -- Myself and John Ramsey, left, with a seven-foot-tall chandelier designed and completed by John's shop, Deep Landing Workshop (www.deeplandingworkshop.com), a manufacturer of custom lighting fixtures here in Chestertown, MD. We have done about eight chandeliers of around six-foot height in the past, but this is now the record holder.

I turned the center spindle parts from 8/4 slabs of kiln-dried poplar glued up to create blocks of adequate size; the bottom piece started out as 12" x 12" x 18" and 49 lbs. but was reduced to only 11 lbs. as you see it here, still with a diameter of 11-1/2". Finish was water-based Lockwood Dark Walnut stain (almost a pint!), walnut paste filler, MinWax Wipe-on Poly, and wax -- the client specified "dark wood" and we made it real dark to mask the variations of the underlying poplar.

The 28 arms are bent from 3/8" brass tubing and blackened chemically. Total weight is 75 lbs. This will go into a large private home in the Eastern Shore of Maryland for about the price of a couple of big Oneways with all the trimmings.

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